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About Us

Who We Are | What We Do

Who We Are?

ACUMEC is a brand putting a lot of effort in trading, import and export a wide range of Diesel Engines [Industrial and Marine], Diesel Engine Spare Parts, Air Compressors, Outboard Motors & Spare parts, Aviation Spare Parts, Pumps and others since the incorporation. All the equipments and parts provided to customers are genuine, brand new and made up of highly-advanced and superior quality raw materials. We have invested new substantial resources, which is run by a highly-proficient staff who has a long experience in such a field and has given ACUMEC a precious contribution aimed at improving and strengthening its service to customers.

What We Do?

We supply a wide range parts like cylinder heads, cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings, valves, bearings, gasket and o-ring sets, nozzles, pumps, filters, heat exchangers and more & much more.

We are specialised in Outboard Engines, Metal Composites, Aviation, Marine, Automotive, Power Industry and has multiple source to supply our customers rapidly around the globe.

  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Marine Supplies
  • Aviation Supplies
  • Land Based Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Metal Composites
  • Diesel Engine Spare Parts
  • General Trading


Constant quality control ensures maximum lifetime and optimal performance of all parts and supplies. 

Cost Efficiency

With our worldwide presence we can assure the best price for top quality equipment. 

Technical Expertise

Our in-house technical know-how is guaranteed by our Engineers worldwide network. 


Our extensive experience has earned us a good reputation as a premier supplier of products for the aviation, marine, power & automotive industries.

Our unique and extensive parts inventory and network assures you that we keep your aircraft operational and boost your profits. Our diversified line of products also integrates a large assortment of defense related equipment.

Outboard Motors Supply30%
Aviation & Marine Industry Supply30%
Spare Parts Supply40%
Customer Satisfaction100%

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